Hot 18-Year-Old Model Tries To Extort Jaromir Jagr For $2,000 After Sex, Except Jagr Just Doesn’t Care


Once again, hockey Bros prove that they are the biggest beasts in the Bro universe. 43-year-old Panthers’ wing Jaromir Jagr — who has pretty much played for every single NHL since his career began in 1990 (!!!) — allegedly hooked up with a hot Czech model, according to a Czech tabloid. She asked him for about $2,000 or else she threatened to publish a picture of him sleeping in her bed post-sex. His answer to the blackmail?

Bro. As. Fuck.

“I don’t care.”

Here’s a translation, via Complete Hockey News:

An 18-year old model tried to blackmail Jaromir Jagr by asking for 50,000 Czech Koruna’s or she would publish a picture of the pair taken directly after the two engaged in sexual intercourse.

Jagr responded by saying “I don’t care,” and she published the photo.

The girl ended up being the girlfriend of Czech National Junior Team defenceman Dominik Rudl.

LOLOLOL that she was another hockey player’s girlfriend. She ended up publishing the pic anyway:


What a boss. Jagr is a Bro god.

[H/T: Big Lead]