The Monster Energy Girl Who Creeped Everyone Out In The Daytona 500 Victory Lane Has Been Identified

Monster Energy Girl In Daytona 500 Victory Lane Has Been Identified Brooke Ashlynn Miller

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Sooo… did any of you watch the Dayton 500 on Sunday? I did. It was a pretty good race, and then a complete crashfest in the last 10 laps or so, so all-in-all it was a rather entertaining viewing experience.

Well, it was, until the race winner Denny Hamlin was being interviewed in Victory Lane.

Because during his entire interview there was a Monster Energy Girl staring a hole through the camera lens standing behind him.

I am not making this up when I say that I literally had to change the channel because I could not watch anymore of that interview with her standing back there like a smiling robot looking at me. I couldn’t follow anything Hamlin or the broadcasters were saying because all I could do was look at her to see if she was still there going full Fiji Water Girl.

Seriously, she was like that for the entire interview, which wasn’t short, mind you.

By the way, she wasn’t the only one of the Monster Energy Girls looking for her 15 minutes. Another one standing in the background up on the podium was also very aware of where the camera was, but she was just too far away to make it work. (She’s the brunette in the photo below. She too was creeping me right TF out.)

Of course, I was curious who this woman was creeping on Denny Hamlin, but it turns out I didn’t have to do any real research because my man Joe over at Busted Coverage already did the legwork and figure it out. It’s what he does.

Turns out that the Monster Energy Girl in question is named Brooke Ashlynn Miller, was Miss Malibu USA 2016 and went to Pepperdine! (No idea why I put an excalamtion mark there. Just seemed appropriate.)

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On the plus side, there were some seriously A+ tweets that immediately hit the web during her epic stare-off with the camera.


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