Mookie Betts Celebrated The Red Sox Game Two Win By Sneaking Into Boston To Feed The Homeless

mookie betts feed homeless

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The Red Sox took a 2-0 lead in the World Series after topping the Dodgers 4-2 on Wednesday, and based on my time in Boston, players usually celebrate such victories by heading to Royale and drinking as much as possible until the city’s criminally early last call bring the celebration to an end.

I’m sure a few members of the team made the trek to the club following the win but there was at least one member who decided to do something a little more productive with his time

Mookie Betts was kind enough to steal a base during the first game of the series and won America free tacos in the process— a steal he said was motivated by the promotion.

What a guy.

Everyone knows it’s important to load up on food before drinking an irresponsible number of vodka sodas and the Red Sox were lucky enough to have some trays of grub waiting for them once they headed into the locker room.

However, it appears the catering staff underestimated how hungry the players were after the game and there was plenty of food left over, and while they could have just tossed it in the trash, Betts had a better idea.

According to Sox legend Lou Merloni, Betts made the trek from Fenway down Boylston Street to bring a group of homeless people a massive spread at one in the morning.

What a guy indeed.


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