The All-22 Photo Of Morgan Burnett’s Post-Interception Slide Will Ruin The Life Of Every Green Bay Packers Fan



Green Bay Packers safety Morgan Burnett intercepted a Russell Wilson pass with 5:08 remaining in the NFC Championship Game and promptly gave himself up without trying to advance the football. At the time, it looked like a little thing that wouldn’t matter.

Boy, were we ever stupid.

After Wilson led the Seahawks to a miraculous comeback and overtime victory, many wondered why Burnett made such a conservative choice. Television replays didn’t give the full scope of the situation so it was difficult to say just how big of a mistake he’d made.

Now we have the All-22 and, oh boy, it will not make Packers fans happy.

Burnett appears to have all kinds of open field to run, and blockers, including Julius Peppers, out in front. Of course, Peppers was telling him to take a knee. Not sure what that was about.

Perhaps I’m being a little dramatic, but it sure seems like Burnett could have picked up at least 20 yards on his return. No Seahawks player was anywhere close to him. I feel like it’s not unreasonable to think he would have scored, given the quick turn in action.

I understand that Burnett is a safety and is not accustomed to carrying the football. I understand that allowing Aaron Rodgers to take control with a 12-point lead and five minutes to play is not a particular bad strategy.

But still.

This photo is just salt on an already gaping wound.

[H/T: @PFF_Pete]