25 Years Of The Most Brutal Ski Crashes Ever Recorded Hurts My Bones Just Watching

The bros over at Matchstick Productions have been making badass ski films around for decades (since 1992). Over the past 25 years, they’ve captured some of the best footage the skiing world has ever seen. And over the last quarter century, they’ve also filmed the some of the gnarliest ski crashes on the planet.

To celebrate being in business for 25 years, Matchstick Productions has released this supercut showing the most bone-crunchingly devastating crashes ever filmed. Just watching this supercut hurt me on the inside. I don’t want to see snow again for a while after seeing what’s happened to some of these dudes.

One of the standout wipeouts in this film is Mike Wilson coming up dangerously short at Colorado’s Buttermilk Ski Area. In that crash, Mike Wilson sustained a collapsed lung, torn right MCL, left LCL, and ACL. He broke his thumb, and he broke is back in THREE PLACES from that crash. This supercut isn’t just spectacular wipeouts that look good on video, some of these guys got supremely fucked up over the years.

[h/t GrindTV]