Motocross Competitor Steals Pit Worker’s Motor Scooter After Beefing It During Race

MotoGP racer


My exposure to motor sports begins and ends with the Indianapolis 500. There’s just something about dudes in motorized vehicles travelling in making left turns that doesn’t really hold my interest. I pretty much only watch it for the crashes. But not the ones that kill people. Just the ones where people catch fire.

However, it’s moments like this that draw me into the world of motor sports. Yesterday, Marc Marquez wrecked pretty hard and, instead of calling it a day, stole a moped from a pit worker to go get his hands on his replacement bike so he didn’t get disqualified.

I love how he dipped on his bike before it even stopped sliding. He didn’t know if that thing was going to explode. He’s the talent. If that thing’s going to blow anyone’s face off, it’s not going to be his. That’s why he stole that moped. He needed to get away from that explosion as quickly as possible. His dick’s the one that makes them all the money. No one wants it catching fire and melting off. Dickless dudes don’t win motorsport events. Why do you think Theon Greyjoy sticks to watersports? No dick = No money.

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