Mysterious Ref Wearing Black Coat Saved The Texans From Getting Screwed And Giving Away Awful Touchdown To Bills On Kickoff


Refs nearly screwed the Houston Texans in their playoff game against the Bills but thankfully a mysterious ref came down from out of nowhere and saved the day.

To open the third quarter of Saturday’s Bills-Texans game, Texans kickoff returner tossed the ball at a ref in the end zone when he felt that he had given up on the play. Unfortunately the ref didn’t call the play dead and the Bills picked up the ball in the end zone for a touchdown.

That’s when a ref wearing a black coat appeared and talked to the refs on the field to change the call.

Update: Apparently the black coat refs are alternate refs but it’s still unclear why the alternate ref would be on the field talking to the lead officials about changing a call.