NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace Wants All The Smoke After Trying To Fight Kyle Larson After Bizarre Crash

NASCAR Bubba Wallace Wants All The Smoke Trying To Fight Kyle Larson

Getty Image / Sean Gardner

The South Point 400 is officially underway as everyone is racing for playoff position. However, things took a turn as Bubba Wallace and Kyle Larson got involved in a wreck. To make matters worse, the two racers got into a fight afterward, making it an ugly situation.

NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace Wants All The Smoke After Trying To Fight Kyle Larson

In the middle of the race, Kyle Larson was seen pinning Bubba Wallace up against the wall. There was a minor bump, but nothing major. It was definitely something you’d expect to see in a NASCAR race. However, things went south when Wallace spun out Larson altogether. Luckily, there were no injuries in the wreck.

When the dust just began to settle, Bubba Wallace approached Kyle Larson to confront him in the middle of the NASCAR race. He clearly wasn’t happy with how everything transpired. Even so, Larson didn’t want any part of the altercation while Wallace continuously confronted him.

Although Wallace was incredibly frustrated, it appears NASCAR fans see him in the wrong. Many don’t think Larson purposely pinned his opponent against the wall. Additionally, Bubba Wallace’s decision to spin out Kyle Larson isn’t sitting well with the fanbase either.

It’s really not a great look for Bubba.

Meanwhile, Larson receives praise from the fans for how he handled the situation.

Maybe these two will eventually settle their differences. In the meantime, NASCAR is sure to look into the situation and potentially dish out discipline for Bubba Wallace or Kyle Larson. In the end, this is a bad look for Wallace.

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