NASCAR Fans Are Pissed Off Because The Monster Energy Girls In Pit Lane Are Too Hot For TV


People love getting mad about the stupidest stuff. In this era of hot takes and manufactured outrage, the Twitter hive mind zeros in on something that’s not a big deal at all and makes it a huge deal. The latest victim of such outrage comes from the Joey Logano’s win at the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race in Dayton, formerly the Sprint Series race. NASCAR fans are ticked off because Monster recruited a couple of scantily clad “Monster Girls” to show on TV, irking fans who don’t enjoy beautiful women alongside their stock car racin’.

I feel bad for the girls. Hopefully Monster and NASCAR — which is experiencing a massive year-over-year ratings dip — doesn’t make cuts because of this faux-outrage. I think we can all agree that it’s a nice addition to the race.

Meanwhile, the Monster girls themselves have a great attitude about the whole thing:

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