NASCAR Fight Breaks Out As Drivers Noah Gragson And Daniel Hemric Throw Punches After Heated Altercation

Things got a bit heated during today’s NASCAR EchoPark 250 race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

During a pitstop. driver Noah Gragson backed his car into Hemric’s car which forced Hemrich’s crew to scamble on pit road

After the race, a pissed off Hemrich confronted Gragson and all hell broke loose.

Gragson explained what happened that led to the altercation while also taking a shot at Hemric.

“I don’t know why he’s mad,”. “We were behind him coming onto pit road because we chorded our right front tire, and then he was in our pit box. I had to come around him, and I’m not really sure why he was there, but (I) had to back up and get there. … I’d be mad if I was in his shoes too. Just based off what he’s done in his career.”

Here’s Hemrich’s side of the story.

“When I pulled into my box, we had a guy who went to leave at the same time in the box behind us. And it created (for) me to have to go long, pull in the No. 9 box, and back up,”. “I guess he was oblivious to what was going on and what my situation was, so by the time the No. 9 got in his box he crammed it in reverse and purposely drove the back of his car through the front of my Supra.

“He punched a hole in the nose of our Supra, and where I come from, you get punched in the eye for that … There’s a hole in the nose of my car, and he got popped in the eye. Where I stand from, we’re in pretty good shape.”