Massive Multiple Flip Accident Brings Talladega NASCAR Race To A Complete Halt (VIDEO)

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NASCAR is making one of its two annual trips to Talladega Superspeedway this weekend in Talladega, Alabama.

The track is largest oval on the NASCAR calendars and regularly hosts some of the sport’s most exciting races.

Unfortunately, because the track is so high-speed and the cars are often closely packed together, it also regularly sees some of the sport’s most violent wrecks.

The wrecks, which usually involve a number of cars, have come to be known as “the big one.”

Unfortunately, during Saturday’s NASCAR Xfinity Series race, “the big one” came early and involved a terrifying wreck for driver Blaine Perkins.

Perkins’ 02 car got turned sideways into the wall. He was then hit in the passenger-side door by another car. This turned the car backward, which in turn lifted it into the air. Perkins then landed on his roof and the car turned sideways, causing it to go 5.5 complete flips before coming to a stop.

Somehow, thankfully, Perkins walked away from the wreck. But the aftermath didn’t leave much left of his car.

The race was briefly red-flagged (stopped) before resuming about 15-20 minutes after. Following the wreck, Perkins left the track for further evaluation at a local hospital.

Fans were floored by the wreck.

The race broadcast later stated that Perkins went to the hospital as “an abundance of caution.” It’s a remarkable testament to the sport’s incredible safety measures. But also a reminder of how dangerous racing can be.


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