NASCAR’s Corey LaJoie Is Racing In The Daytona 500 With His Epic Beard And Hair All Over His Race Car

Courtesy of GoFasRacing/OldSpice

We have a mantra around here at BroBible: A man’s flow gives him superpowers. As a dude, sometimes you just have to embrace your grizzly genes and let the flow grow, whether it’s a face full of whiskers or luscious locks of lettuce. And when it’s time to tame the mane, there’s nothing wrong with a little pit stop with the right products to freshen up that salad.

NASCAR’s Corey LaJoie, driver of the No. 32 Ford Mustang for Go Fas Racing, is doubling down on his hair in a big way for the Daytona 500. Old Spice, the men’s authority on grooming, is partnering with LaJoie to put his bearded mug all over the #32 car for Sunday’s Daytona 500. It’s not just his beard on the hood of the car, either – The paint scheme includes LaJoie’s wavy flow all around the side of the car.

You could say he’s really letting his hair down for the race:

Courtesy of GoFasRacing/OldSpice

Check out the serious floverload from the artist rendering, Bros:

Courtesy of GoFasRacing/OldSpice

LaJoie’s Breath of Fresh Hair car marks Old Spice’s first sponsorship in NASCAR since 2013, promoting Old Spice’s new Dry Shampoo.

Courtesy of Old Spice

Whether you’re tearin’ around a race track at 200 mph or simply cruising around town with the windows down, Old Spice Dry Shampoo helps men’s hair look instantly clean and refreshed. It’s the cure for common hat hair, an issue all us dudes suffer from – especially at the race track.

Just throw a little spritz in, give use your hand for a little wave of the hair, and you’re good to go.

And when it comes to keeping your beard dapper, the Old Spice Beard Kit keeps your whiskers from wildin’ out.

Courtesy of GoFasRacing/OldSpice

This weekend, I’ll be down at Daytona for the kick off of the 2019 NASCAR season. LaJoie is going to show me how to get my dudely flow under control faster than a pit stop in the third stage.

Go follow along over on the BroBible Instagram stories. If you’re going to Daytona, I’ll also be cruising around with some BroBible stickers for anyone who hollers at me at track:

I’m cautiously optimistic what he’s going to advise me to do with the lettuce:

Yep. That look confirms it: I’m going to have some gnarly race car driver hair by the checkered flag on Sunday.

See ya at Daytona.

Courtesy of GoFasRacing/OldSpice