Nashville’s First Weekend Back Fully-Open Was Absolutely Insane And Even Luke Bryan Showed Up To Crash The Party

Nashville Broadway Tennessee

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Nashville, Tenn. fully reopened on Friday for the first time in over a year. With capacity restrictions and the mask mandate lifted, bars were packed and thousands of people flocked to Broadway to live it up all weekend. Even Luke Bryan stopped by!

Traditionally in the city, visitors start flowing in on late Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning and plan to stay for an extended weekend. Thus, the party begins early in the day. You’ll see the wagons full of day-drinkers start to circle around 10:00am.

Some highlights from Nashville’s first weekend back.

It started on Friday afternoon.

Not but a few hours later, the rooftop patios were already packed.

Although the shoulder-to-shoulder bar crowds are one sign of the city being back, the bachelorette parties are the real tell. They’re everywhere.

What’s cool about Broadway is that all of the bars are within walking distance. It’s one big stretch of the city with at least 32 places to grab a shot and a beer. As a result, navigating the streets can be a maze. Scooters and drunks are everywhere. Here is what it looked like at 7:00pm on Friday:

Other people chose a different approach to getting around.

There are many great ways to get around Nashville. This is not one of them.

Look at the sheer number of vehicles trying to get onto the busiest street in the city.

As well as their close proximity, each of the bars has its own spin on live music. The talent varies as you work your way up to the “big name” bars. You never know who you might see! Luke Bryan decided to get a night away from the wife and kids to check on his bar downtown.

After a few drinks (which appear to be something soda and lime?), Bryan got up and played a few songs.

In summation of the weekend, this tweet just about says it all.

And then, right around 2:30am, things finished back where they all started.

Nashville is back. But it never really left!