Turns Out Nate Diaz Was Shooting Tequila In Cabo When He Got The Call To Fight Conor McGregor

So it turns out the dude who improbably choked out Conor McGregor on Saturday night at UFC 196 was on the beach in Cabo when he got the call from UFC President Dana White seeking a replacement for Rafael dos Anjos when he broke his foot training just two weeks out from the fight.

Tough life for Nate Diaz, eh? Going from zero to millionaire in one phone call, bombed on tequila, chillin’ on a yacht no less. Respect.

Almost makes the loss even worse for Conor McGregor, knowing his opponent was getting sloppy drunk on the beach in Mexico instead of training his ass off, right? That’s like the opposite of conventional when it comes to these fights. Finding out the Diaz was sauced up just a few weeks out from the fight has to be salt in the wound of The Notorious’s defeat.

Nate “Cabo” Diaz. Nice ring to it. ¬°Salud!

[h/t @WorldOfIsaac]