So US Rugby’s Nate Ebner Story About Fulfilling His Murdered Father’s Unrealized Dream Is A Literal Heartbreaker

The US Rugby team has some of the best storylines coming out of the Olympics this year. Hands down. Between Carlin Isle’s rags to riches story and this story of Nate Ebner’s unrealized promise to his dead father, there’s no way you can top that. “Oh, the US Women’s Fencing team hasn’t competed in four years!!” Sick. In all honesty, Ebner’s story is an absolute heartbreaker. Losing your dad while pursuing your dreams? I can’t even fathom that. This makes me want the US to win gold twice as much. Not just because, you know, America’s the greatest country in the world. But also because now I’m emotionally invested in both Ebner and Isle’s pursuit of their dream.

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