National Anthem Singer Reportedly Has CWS Performance Canceled After ‘Offensive Gesture’ Of Flashing A Horns Down

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  • National Anthem singer Zac Collier has reportedly had his College World Series appearance canceled
  • The cancellation stems from his gig at the Women’s College World Series where he flashed an “offensive gesture”
  • That gesture was the “Horns Down” sign

The NCAA is taking some heat this week for its controversial decision to remove a National Anthem singer from his scheduled appearance at the College World Series.

Reports are surfacing from Anthem singer Zac Collier stating that he’ll no longer be able to perform in Omaha. He was slated to lead off in Game 9 of the postseason tournament, but it seems that’s no longer the case.

The NCAA cites an “offensive gesture” behind the cancellation in an email to Collier. That gesture came in a recent Women’s College World Series appearance where he sang the National Anthem before the Texas vs. Oklahoma State matchup.

Surely this has to be something egregious to be removed from a similar appearance just a week later. “Offensive gesture,” to me sounds like flipping off the crowd or pulling a Baker Mayfield jock strap tug.

Take a look for yourself.

Collier’s unsportsmanlike conduct comes from his flashing a “Horns Down” sign after the Anthem. This is very on brand for the NCAA.

The “Horns Down” celebration has become suddenly controversial as the NCAA looks to protect one of its biggest brands. Meanwhile, they let (former) Texas coaches do whatever they please. Is a hand signal imitating livestock really that offensive?

It’s apparently enough to warrant a 15-yard penalty in Big XII football games. And now, it’s getting folks tossed from making appearances on college baseball’s biggest stage.

Social media reacts to the “Horns Down” controversy

Zac shared the news on his Facebook page, with the caption “I regret nothing.”

A little research on Zac shows that he’s a Texas A&M grad, and as you know, rivalries run deep in the Lone Star State. Most of the college baseball world has his back on this one.

Folks in Oklahoma are already trying to set up an appearance for the Red River Rivalry.

This is a soft move from the NCAA and the CWS. Sports are about fun, and banter between rivals helps promote that fun. The “Horns Down” is hardly unsportsmanlike or offensive. Hopefully Zac bounces back.