Tom Herman Is So Classy That He Decided To Give The Double Bird To Longhorn Network Cameras During The Early Signing Period

tom herman double bird

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It’s the start of the early signing period in college football and so naturally all of the major networks are getting some behind-the-scenes footage at some of the major programs around the country.

The Longhorn Network set up a look into the coaches conference room at Texas to keep up with head coach Tom Herman and his staff on a monumental day in recruiting. The 44-year-old had this awesome, super mature and classy idea of giving the camera the double bird.

It’s a pretty bold move to make as a grown-ass man that gets paid millions of dollars when kids and their families are deciding which schools they will attend.

Of the other six people in the room, exactly one of them found the move funny.

This shouldn’t be that surprising though. We’re talking about a guy that mocked Drew Lock and his celebration a couple years back and the man that said Texas is the ‘mecca of college football‘ like we’re living in the 1960’s.

It’s worth noting that Herman’s Longhorns sat at 4-1 this season before finishing the year at 7-5. No, actually that wasn’t worth noting at all, but it is a fun fact that some folks may not remember for this year’s college football season.