NBA Fan Uses ‘Seinfeld’ Reference To Cash In Correct Score Bet

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An NBA bettor hilariously used a Seinfeld reference to cash in on a wager Monday night. The sitcom helped the fan land an exact score prediction in the Cavs vs. Spurs game.

After nailing the correct outcome, the betting slip went viral. The internet reaction has been absolutely electric.

San Antonio and Cleveland faced off Monday in an East vs. West matchup. The Cavaliers would go on to win the contest by a score of 117-109.

If that sounds familiar, it could be because it’s the exact score mentioned in a 1991 Seinfeld episode called, “The Heart Attack.”

In that episode, George goes to the hospital with what he believes to be heart problems. Nervous about a pending surgery, he visits a holistic doctor in an attempt to both gain advice and save a buck.

Jerry attends the visit alongside George and asks the healer about an illegible note he scribbled in the middle of the night. The man hysterically cackles before replying, “Yes, yes. Mhmm… Cleveland 117, San Antonio 109.”

This NBA bettor was in touch with the cosmos, and he quickly turned his $2.61 wager into a near $700 payout. He then posted his winning slip on his Twitter account along with the caption, “Thanks Seinfeld!”

Fans were quick to comment on the outcome.

One person wrote, “This is crazy.”

Another said, “Wild. And epic.”

Maybe there’s an NBA script we need to know about???

Some are already marking their calendars for the next matchup between the two foes. One fan posted, “This has to be reminded to me next year, please and thank you.”

While it seems like an unlikely coincidence, this is actually the second time in the last five years that the Cavs have beaten the Spurs, 117-109. Maybe the healer was onto something with this reading.

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