DraftKings Is Giving Away $200,000 To NBA Fans This Christmas Day


Mark J. Rebilas/USA Today Sports

There’s nothing like the joy of Christmas morning. Full-grown adults turn into little kids as they open their presents and count their loot. Perfectly reasonable people suddenly believe in Santa Claus. But there’s also that awkward moment when the final bow is undone and the last present is given.

Everyone wonders, “what the heck are we supposed to do now?”

DraftKings has you covered. For $20 you can play in the NBA $200K Holiday Classic, a daily fantasy basketball contest. The winner will walk away with a stocking-stuffing $25,000. That’s a better gift than anything your grandmother’s going to give you.

The top 2,300 contestants will money, so there’s plenty of opportunity to pad your wallet.

It’s easy to play. Just select a team of players participating in the five Christmas games under a set salary cap. The more the stuff the stat sheet, the better you’ll do.

Playing will also give you a reason NOT to talk to your family. Or give you something TO talk about. Everyone wins.

So stop hesitating. Sign up now.