Basketball Fans Are Freaking Out Over Luka Doncic’s Apparent Significant Weight Loss

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Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic is one of the NBA’s best players.

That much is not up for debate.

Doncic has made the NBA All-Star Game in four of his five seasons in the league and finished in the top-10 in NBA MVP voting each of those four seasons.

What is up for debate, however, is whether Doncic can yet still take his game to another level.

The 24-year-old is listed at 6-foot-7, 230 pounds. And while he’s certainly not exactly overweight, he doesn’t look like what you’d expect an elite NBA wing player to look like.

Then again, Nikola Jokic is currently showing the world how much appearances mean.

That being said, Doncic’s weight has always been a point of contention. Especially since he’s not an elite athlete by NBA standards and often has a heavy offensive workload.

“I think he was humbled a little bit,“ Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said of Doncic in 2022. “He didn’t like being called out for his weight and other things and it finally clicked that there’s a level of discipline that’s required.”

Doncic has already dropped a significant amount of weight off his previously listed 260-pound frame.

“Chicken and rice and vegetables is the most popular [with me] because I don’t eat a lot of seafood,” Doncic said of changing his eating habits. “Mostly just eating healthier…That was the key to be here.”

But after a difficult 2022-23 season that saw the Mavs missed the playoffs entirely, it appears he’s taken his body transformation to the next level.

Doncic posted a picture of him alongside of trainer Nikola Jovicevic on his Instagram story on Friday. The picture appears to show a significantly slimmed down version of the Slovenian star.

And fans could hardly believe it.

Who knows whether Doncic has actually lost weight? Or whether any potential weight loss would help him?

But it sure appears he’s fully committed to finding out.