NBA Fans Are Stunned After The Knicks Give RJ Barrett A Massive Contract Extension

NBA Fans Are Stunned After The Knicks Give RJ Barrett A New Contract

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The New York Knicks continue to surprise everybody around the NBA world. They started off the offseason by giving Jalen Brunson a $100+ deal. Now, Brunson is a solid player and can flourish in a full-time starting role, but that move was heavily criticized all around.

Then, the Knicks flirted with a Donovan Mitchell trade before backing out of the desired asking price.

Now, the Knicks have made headlines again. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Knicks have signed RJ Barrett to a four-year, $120 million extension in a stunning development.

That is a ton of cash, and Barrett has now made history for the Knicks in a surprising way.

Barrett is the youngest Knicks player to earn $100 million. It’s not that he isn’t good. Not at all. But, this basically takes the Knicks out of the Mitchell sweepstakes, and fans aren’t too thrilled about it.

The reactions are mixed, although a decent amount of Knicks fans are on board with this contract for Barrett, especially since the first-round curse is officially broken.

Nonetheless, Barrett has a lot to prove, even more with this massive dollar amount tied to his name. Let’s see if this pays off for the Knicks or not.