Here’s Why NBA Fans Are Roasting ESPN For It’s Updated Celtics-Heat Series Prediction

NBA stars Jimmy Butler and Jayson Tatum

Getty Image / Megan Briggs

The series between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics is all but over. Technically, there is a chance this series goes the full seven games, but it’s not likely.

No team in league history has ever come back from being down 0-3 in the NBA Playoffs.

However, ESPN seems to think differently and the world wide leader in sports is getting called out for it by NBA fans.

NBA Central shared an image from ESPN’s website where they claim that Boston has a 72% chance of winning the series despite being down 0-3.

It’s completely insane to give Boston that big of a percentage to win this series when they’ve been totally outplayed in the first three games.

On top of that, playoff history is not on their side. Maybe the get a win in Game 4 to elongate the series. But it’s large mountain for the Celtics to climb in order to win the series.

Many NBA fans are confused by ESPN’s projection for the Celtics, as the math just does not make any sense.

It has to be a troll job at this point, right?

If this is true then maybe ESPN should consider changing the model.

Heat fans are not forgetting that 3% chance post ESPN made in the beginning of the series.

Someone get ESPN a new calculator. The one they have isn’t working.

Jimmy Butler and the Heat might be causing a malfunction for the ESPN BPI machine. Or whatever it is.

Miami has a chance to close out the series on Tuesday night. A win punches their ticket to the NBA Finals.