Jamal Murray’s Controversial Technical Foul Has NBA Fans Up In Arms

Jamal Murray complains about technical foul call

Getty Image / Matthew Stockman

The Denver Nuggets took it to the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday night as they gain a 3-2 lead in the series.

However, Game 5 didn’t fall short of the dramatics.

In fact, there was a controversial technical foul call on Jamal Murray that had NBA fans everywhere up in arms.

Bleacher Report shares the clip of the play in question. The Nuggets’ point guard drives to the hoop and hits an and-one layup.

Afterward, Jamal Murray flexes right in Landry Shamet’s face. The refs immediately called a tech on him.

You can clearly see that Jamal Murray does not like the technical foul call. I mean who would? It was a quick flex and nothing more.

I mean, Landry Shamet didn’t even look bothered by it. The Nuggets’ point guard made a great play and celebrated. Either way, NBA fans couldn’t believe the refs called a tech.

I don’t know about that, but fans sure seem to think so.

Nothing’s wrong with a little taunting. As long as players aren’t throwing hands or something.

You knew someone was going to say it.

Fans really don’t like that technical foul call on Jamal Murray.

Maybe next time Murray will direct his taunts toward the crowd. That will surely have to be the way to go if the refs are going to call that a technical foul.

Even so, it’s probably all water under the bridge for Jamal Murray since the Nuggets won the game.

Make sure to tune into Game 6 on Thursday night as the Nuggets aim to close out the series.