Ja Morant Returned From Injury So Quickly That The NBA Immediately Gave Him A Drug Test

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Just about every player in the NBA is an elite athlete relative to your average person. But then there’s Memphis Grizzlies superstar Ja Morant. Morant is an elite athlete among elite athletes who pulls off highlight reel plays seemingly every time he’s on the court.

The only thing that has had any success of late slowing Morant down is injuries. The Murray State product missed the majority of Memphis’  2022 Western Conference semifinal with the Golden State Warriors after suffering a freak knee injury. He’s now back on the shelf after suffering a Grade 1 ankle sprain on Friday against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Morant was initially listed as week-to-week following the injury. But he’s recovered far soon than anyone expected. The Grizzlies now list him as “questionable” for Tuesday night’s game against the Sacramento Kings.

Memphis beat writer Drew Hill asked Morant about his healing ability on Tuesday, and Morant’s answer was absolutely hilarious.

Ja Morant Says NBA Is Drug Testing Him Over “Cyborg” Like Healing Powers.

Morant’s potential return comes well before anyone imagined it would. Hil addressed that matter on Tuesday, asking Morant how it was possible. The answer was downright hilarious.

“(I’m) “A cyborg. I’m just a unique dude, man. I don’t think I’m human,” Morant said. “I got to do some lab testing or something to see what is really behind it. The league is doing the same. I have a drug test right after this.”

Sportsmd.com states the typical recovery time for a Grade 1 sprain is 3-5 weeks. Morant is on track to return somewhere between 3-5 days. The quick turnaround seems so improbable that the NBA apparently felt it couldn’t be natural, so they’ve issued a drug test for Morant.

Fans loved Morant’s hilarious response to the question.

I’m not exactly sure what happens if the league determines that Morant is an alien. But I’m sure interested in finding out.