NBA Players Are Having All Sorts Of Unusual Things Shipped To Them In The Bubble

NBA Players Having All Sorts Of Things Shipped To Them In The Bubble

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As one might imagine, NBA players with an abundance of free time combined with boatloads of money and being essentially blocked off from the rest of the world inside the bubble in Orlando are doing more than their fair share of shopping online. And they’re ordering more than hot massage therapists and weed.

According to Rachel Nichols of The Jump, the folks in the mail room at Walt Disney World’s resorts have been very, very busy.

So far, and keep in mind it’s only been a little over two weeks for most of these fellas, they have ordered things like a couch, wine coolers, arcade games, boxing equipment, hundreds of thousands of dollars in Amazon orders, and a full-size refrigerator (with ice machine), and had them delivered to their rooms (which may or may not be more luxurious depending on how big a star you are).

There are literally THOUSANDS of boxes a day coming into the NBA bubble. Thousands, she says!

Naturally, seeing all of that gluttonous spending, the resources being allocated to cleansing and delivering them, plus the plethora of freebies being distributed to all of the elite basketball players in Orlando didn’t sit well with a lot of people.

Not well, my man. Not well.

People are especially bent over the amount of Clorox wipes that are being used to wipe down packages, which last time I checked, is not something that actually makes any difference. (Especially when the dude doing the wiping just immediately goes and touches the package with the same hands he handled the box with just 5 seconds ago before wiping it down.)

I feel you, folks. I really do.