The NBA Just Released A Vince Carter Mixtape From His Raptor Days And It’s Utterly ABSURD

Vince Carter just turned 39-years-old and has understandably been reduced to a nice veteran asset who comes off the bench. He plays for the Grizzlies and, to be honest, I had to look that up just to be 100% sure that was still the case. On Monday night, he played nine minutes and scored zero points. That’s what happens.

Great players get old and get traded around from team to team and we quickly forget just how great they once were. Especially today, where the 24/7 news cycle makes it pretty difficult for anyone to even remember how well you performed a week ago.

Remember Patrick Ewing on the Sonics? Yeah, neither do I.  But what I do remember is Vince Carter on the Toronto Raptors.

Holy crap was Vince a complete freakshow of an in-game dunker. How the hell do you stop that? You don’t. You get out of the way ASAP unless you want your legacy to be on the bad end of a great photo of Vince Carter dunking RIGHT in your face.

Yo, what’s up, Frederic Weis?

While it would be impossible to pick out a favorite Vince Carter highlight from the tremendous video, Shaq’s reaction during a dunk contest was a very pleasant surprise.

Yeah, that priceless expression pretty much says it all.


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