The Approved Plan For The NBA To Return To Action Should Create Quite The Wild Ride

nba plan to restart season

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Well folks here it is, something to be excited about, something to look forward to, the NBA is (almost) back. The NBA has agreed on terms to finish the season in October. Let’s just forget about where it is going to be played, how it is going to be played, and the format for a second. It is best we leave all the dirty work and all the planning to the NBA, let’s just enjoy and appreciate the fact that basketball is returning and we are going to be in for a WILD postseason.

Although players might be a little rusty after coming off a three-month hiatus, can you imagine what a well rested LeBron James in the playoffs is going to look like? For the last decade it feels like James is lucky if he even gets a chance to sit down and drink some water during the postseason. Although he hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down, it might just be what the 35-year-old needed in order to make another championship run.

And shame on me if I finished this blog without mentioning that a Clippers vs Lakers playoff series would be one of the wildest things to happen to the league in quite some time. The entire year these two teams were on a collision course to meet up in the Western Conference Finals, and it looks like Adam Silver might be giving that dream a chance to come true. One can only imagine Patrick Beverly is chomping at the bit to be able to stir some ruckus on the hardwood again.

Regardless, if we get that dream series or not, any Western Conference team will run the risk of having to face off against Giannas Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks in the Finals if they can get the job done in the East. Take it all in folks and sure to enjoy the ride, its about to be a wild one.