Did The 2015-16 NBA Uniform Designs Just Get Leaked? Quite Possibly

by 4 years ago


“Damn you Internet!” That may or may not be the exact phrase that designers and execs at the athletic brand Adidas are yelling today, as the company’s, possible, plans for NBA teams in 2015-16 may have just been leaked on Reddit by someone under the handle sportsfan93.

The photos appear on a style guide from Adidas with uni’s from the previously revealed and/or leaked NBA jerseys of a hell of a lot of teams—which can’t make the three-striped company too happy if these are, in fact, legit.



While the photos are small and can’t be confirmed, they sure look pretty accurate if you ask me.

This isn’t the first time uniform styles have been leaked, of course, with the NFL’s Cleveland Browns’ new design hitting the Internet ahead of schedule, too.


Look, I don’t understand why teams make such a big deal when these things come out to fans a week or month before they’re supposed to. With so many different threads teams are wearing these days, does it really fucking matter? Fans love seeing new shit, so don’t hold out on us!

[H/T FTW.USAToday]