Watch Ndamukong Suh Arm-Wrestle 84-Year-Old Warren Buffett Then Discuss Finance

If you came here looking for Ndamukong Suh to be the same Ndamukong Suh that’s on the football field, well I am sad to inform you that it was definitely not the case and quite the opposite. Maybe you were expecting the fierce 6-foot-4, 305-pound Miami Dolphins defensive tackle to gain a competitive advantage by using his second hand to come in at the last second and crush the all-world magnate in an arm-wrestling match. Maybe you thought that fiery football player was going to obliterate the 84-year-old tycoon so badly that the old geezer would be thrown across the table and onto the floor as the polarizing NFL player danced over him and then Suh steps on Buffett’s head as he walks away. You would be wrong.

The always competitive Suh actually allowed Buffet to beat him in an arm-wrestling match. Then they discussed finances. Wait. What?

After Suh let the old codger win he said, “At least this time he didn’t make me sign the affidavit.” To which the still sharp as tacks Buffett retorted, “I had him sign a release last time so if I hurt him he wouldn’t sue me.”

It gets even more ludicrous. This isn’t the first time they arm-wrestled, they did so at a 2013 fundraiser in Nebraska for the Teammates mentoring program.

It gets even more ludicrous. Suh and Buffett are besties.

“Suh routinely meets with Buffett,” the WSJ reported in 2014. “Suh wants to understand how they work, as he eventually wants to have a career combining venture-capital funding and owning businesses. And that is going to take a while.”

“I want to understand [Buffett] as a person, not a stock tip or the next thing he’s getting involved in,” Suh said. “I want to understand what made him successful.”

Suh didn’t just arm-wrestle one of the richest men in the world, he also discussed how he first met Warren at Nebraska, his finances and saving for the future.


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