New England Patriots Reportedly Considering Interesting Move At Quarterback

New England Patriots football helmet

Getty Image / Erica Denhoff

After a mess of a 2022 season for the New England Patriots, it has seemed like they are getting things on track for their offense this offseason.

They brought in an actual offensive coordinator, signed a notable receiver, and even brought in a tight end that could be a solid pass catching option for them.

The one thing they still have to deal with is the quarterback position. Mac Jones struggled last season, leading to a bit of a quarterback controversy. There was even a rumor this offseason that the Patriots were trying to trade him.

Earlier today it was reported that the Patriots’ locker room remains split on who should be starting at the position between Jones and Bailey Zappe.

Now it looks like the franchise could add another player to the mix.

According to Mike Giardi, the New England Patriots are considering adding a veteran at QB.

It would be interesting to see who the Pats would be considering bringing in as this veteran presence in their young QB room.

Jones and Zappe should go into the season in control of the top 2 spots on the depth chart, meaning whoever they bring in would be their 3rd stringer. They certainly can’t bring in somebody to be the backup ahead of Zappe if a large portion of the locker room thinks he should actually be starting.

You also have to wonder just how much of an impact the move would have for the team. They’ve had Brian Hoyer on the roster the last 2 years and it looks like that veteran leadership hasn’t yielded the desired results.

I guess a 3rd year with a veteran quarterback on the roster is what Jones really needs to get this whole NFL quarterback thing figured out.