New Era Introduces Atrocious New MLB ‘Local Market’ Hats, Gets Roasted, Pulls Them From Website

New Era Pulls Terrible New MLB Local Market Hats After Social Media Backlash

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Major League Baseball and New Era had themselves quite a Tuesday. Yesterday afternoon, they introduced a new collection of “Local Market” hats for all 30 teams. They were awful. They were filled with errors and omissions. They got destroyed on social media. And as of right now, they are gone from New Era’s website.

What could be so bad about these new ballcaps that would warrant such a quick about face by New Era and Major League Baseball? Well… that caps are supposed to list all of the area codes that make up each team’s “local market.” However…

The Kansas City Royals “Local Market” hat lists the area codes 316, 620, 785 and 913. Note: all four of those area codes are in Kansas. The Royals play in Missouri.

316 is Wichita, which is 195 miles from Kansas City, Missouri. 785 is Lawrence, Kansas. Oh, and the area code 816, where Kauffman Stadium is located? That’s not on there at all. The state of Missouri, however, does appear on the Royals’ “Local Market” hat so… someone there knew they play in that state.

That was just the tip of the slowly melting iceberg though.

There were also many, MANY issues with what appears to be nothing more than clipart used on many of the “Local Market” baseball caps.

These cap blunders did, however, lead to these jokes, which obviously makes it all worth it.

The Athletic even did a complete breakdown of all 30 of the MLB “Local Market” caps that is well-worth a read.

Given all of this publicity for the no longer available “Local Market” MLB caps, how long until some of these show up on the resale market being auctioned off for hundreds of dollars?

Am I alone or does anyone else now really, really want to buy one of these godawful “Local Market” ballcaps? Oh, good! They are still available on, because, of course they are. Major League Baseball doesn’t care about things stuff like doing things right.