The New Jersey Devils Have Entered The Big Hat Game And Fans Love It

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In November, Washington Commanders running back Brian Robinson treated us to one of the most entertaining moments of the NFL season when he met with reporters in the locker room wearing a comically large baseball hat he’d commissioned from a friend.

The acquaintance in question experienced a major spike in sales after Robinson’s postgame outfit went viral, which can probably be attributed to the axiom Norm McDonald shared while impersonating Burt Reynolds on Saturday Night Live: it’s funny because it’s bigger than a normal hat.

We’ll likely reach a point where one of the purest examples of prop comedy you’ll ever encounter eventually loses its luster, but as someone who is still very tickled by the mere existence of a company that specializes in making big hats, I’m very glad that moment has yet to arrive.

I’m also thrilled to see the Big Hat Movement has begun to leak into other leagues, as the New Jersey Devils have apparently decided to get in on the action based on a new reward that was unveiled on Monday night.

One of the NHL’s more surprising success stories this season improved to 33-13-4 with a 5-4 overtime win over the Canucks.

While Jack Hughes earned First Star honors by posting two goals and an assist, Jesper Bratt was dubbed the “Player of the Game” in the locker room after scoring the game-winning goal on the powerplay.

Bratt subsequently got the chance to don the new piece of headgear reserved for the MVP of the night in the form of the big hat with a logo that simply reads “Hat.”

It’s safe to say it was a hit with fans.

Long live the Big Hat.

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