Football-Loving Horse Runs Over Woman at New Mexico State Game

It was wonderful to have all the cool college football traditions back in our lives this weekend. It’s hard to believe we lived an entire winter without dancing leprechauns, loud fits of yelling at midnight and the Big Ten blowing it against the SEC.

Some traditions, however, involve some collateral damage — as New Mexico State student Zaina Atyani found out.

There she was just minding her business on the field during the Aggies game against Cal Poly when disaster struck. A fired-up horse affectionately known as Keystone came barreling into her.

I should point out that the horse was supposed to be on the field. Someone didn’t just leave a barn door open.

Yeah. Not great driving there, Pistol Pete, if that is your real name. What are the requirements for becoming a mascot? Having a name and a face?

Luckily for Atyani, she walked away from the incident no worse for wear.