New York Giants Releasing Former All-Pro

New York Giants helmet

Getty Image / Nic Antaya

Near the end of July, the New York Giants made a signing that came as somewhat of a surprise.

They decided to sign Cole Beasley despite already having too many slot receivers.

Beasley was a bit of an odd choice for the Giants at the time, not just because his role had already been filled, but also because it had been a while since we saw him at his best.

Last March, Beasley was released by the Buffalo Bills after a solid season where he made 82 catches for 693 yards.

Despite that productive season, Beasley wouldn’t end up finding another team until the middle of September. That team was the Buccaneers, who brought Beasley in while they were dealing with some absences at receiver.

Beasley ended up playing in 2 games, making 4 catches for 17 yards. He announced his retirement after those two games.

In December, he decided to come out of retirement and returned to the Bills.

His time with the Bills was more productive than his stop in Tampa. He was only able to make 2 catches for 18 yards in two regular season games, but made 5 catches for 68 yards and a touchdown in 2 playoff games.

Then he once again hit free agency and didn’t end up finding a team until the Giants signed him at the end of July.

Now they’ve decided not to make him a part of their 53-man roster according to NFL Network’s Mike Garofolo.

Garafolo also reported that the New York Giants are expecting him stick around with the team and potentially end up on their practice squad.

Even if he does sign with the practice squad, it is hard to see Cole Beasley carving out much of a role for himself on a team that already has too many slot receivers.