The Jets Want To Host A Black Friday Game Annually But There’s One Massive Problem

Jets QB Aaron Rodgers

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When the NFL schedule was announced last night, it came with the introduction of what the NFL is apparently hoping becomes a new tradition: a Black Friday game.

This year, in the NFL’s inaugural Black Friday Game, Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets will be hosting Tua Tagovailoa and the Miami Dolphins.

According to reports from Adam Schefter’s podcast, the Jets are hoping to become the permanent home of the Black Friday game.

The NFL’s newly installed Black Friday game has become a hot commodity, according to league executive Mike North, who said the New York Jets were one of the multiple teams that “raised their hand” to host the game on an annual basis.

North discussed several schedule-related topics during a recent interview on “The Adam Schefter Podcast,” including this year’s inaugural Black Friday game when the Jets will host the Miami Dolphins on Amazon. [via ESPN]

North also said that the Cincinnati Bengals were also interested in becoming the annual location for the showpiece game.

The problem with the Jets’ ambitions, however, is that once Aaron Rodgers retires in the next season or two, they’ll likely go right back to being the miserable franchise they always were, which doesn’t necessarily make the prospect of allowing them to host a nationally-televised game on what amounts to a holiday all that tantalizing. I say all of this, by the way, as a Jets fan.

The Black Friday matchup against their AFC East divisional rivals is one of six nationally-televised games that the Jets will be playing next season. The Jets also have three Monday night football games — against the Bills, Chiefs, and Chargers — a Sunday night football game against the Raiders, and a Thursday Night Football game against the Browns.

Rodgers will make his Jets debut in one of those Monday Night Football games, which will be a Week 1 matchup at home against the Buffalo Bills on the 22nd anniversary of 9/11 (which, by the way, is apparently something that Rodgers thinks you can “believe in”).