New York Jets Could Reportedly Miss Out On Aaron Rodgers As Another Team Enters The Conversation

NFL star Aaron Rodgers

Getty Image / Mitchell Leff

It feels like football fans have been waiting forever for a trade to materialize between the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers for Aaron Rodgers.

That is despite the fact that we have known for a while that Rodgers wants to play for the Jets.

Now it seems like the Jets could be in danger of missing out on the star quarterback.

As the football world continues to wait for the Jets to get a deal done, it seems there is another team that might try to swoop in and get him for themselves.

Former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber claimed that the San Francisco 49ers could get involved during an appearance on WFAN.

“All of this little simmering coming out of this thing about Aaron Rodgers actually going to the 49ers instead of the Jets actually has some validity,” Barber said. “If the 49ers trade Trey Lance, and Brock Purdy isn’t available to play this year because of UCL surgery…they will go get – and they’re OK with mortgaging their future – this team will go get Aaron Rodgers if he’s available, and the Jets will be stuck sitting out in the cold with their underwear on, and that’s it.”

The 49ers going after Rodgers if the Jets couldn’t get a deal done was a rumor that was going around a few weeks ago. At that point, it didn’t seem all that likely.

The 49ers already have Brock Purdy and Trey Lance on their roster, making it difficult to figure out how they’d make adding Rodgers to the mix work.

Now they are reportedly getting offers for Lance and if they trade him, it would make it a lot easier to make a trade for Rodgers work.

Acquiring Rodgers would make it so Purdy would not need to rush back from his elbow injury.

Rodgers would immediately make the 49ers one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl after they reached the NFC Championship Game last season.

It would still be pretty surprising to see the Packers send Aaron Rodgers to another NFC team, but trading Trey Lance would make a Rodgers trade make a lot more sense for the San Francisco 49ers.