New Report Indicates The New York Mets Aren’t Done With Their Remarkable Spending

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The New York Mets and exorbitantly rich billionaire owner Steve Cohen have spent an ungodly amount of money in recent seasons.

Cohen, who is ranks as the MLB’s wealthiest team owner, is committed to turning the Mets into a winner and has shown as much with countless free agent acquisitions.

The spending has upset other team owners so much that they’ve attempted to squad up and try to pass rules or bully Cohen into spending less.

Though it appears Cohen is unfazed by their whining.

“I’ve heard what everyone else has heard: that they’re not happy with me,” Cohen said. I hear things from people who are maybe more neutral – that they’re taking a lot of heat from their fans. I kind of look at that like, you’re looking at the wrong person. They’re putting it on me. Maybe they need to look more at themselves,” he said in an interview with ESPN.

But things could be about to go from bad to worse for those other owners.

New York Mets’ Huge Spending Leads To Record-Setting Profits

Mike Ozanian of Forbes reports that the Mets’ ballpark, Citi Field, notched record levels of income and revenue in 2022.

The Mets, owned by billionaire Steve Cohen, posted a record of 101-61 last season, their best since 2016. The excitement pushed up average home attendance to 33,000, 60% higher than Covid-plagued 2021 and the most fans through the turnstiles at Citi Field since 2009, when they averaged just under 39,000 per game.

According to a document reviewed by Forbes, the Mets generated revenue of $244 million at their ballpark last season and net income of $127 million, both record highs. The team’s previous best year was in 2009, its first year in the ballpark, when they generated revenue and net income of $180 million and $99 million, respectively. – via Forbes

Cohen appears committed to winning to at all costs regardless of revenue. But if the report from Forbes is any indication, he spending may have only just begun. Especially if he’s able to keep make money in the process.