The Internet Reacts To Neymar’s ‘Absolutely Pathetic’ Flopping Display In Win Over Mexico

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Brazil has advanced to the World Cup quarterfinals thanks in large part to the foot of Neymar, who finished with a goal and an assist Monday in Brazil’s 2-0 win over Mexico. But Brazil’s seventh straight quarterfinal match was somewhat marred by one of the world’s best players flopping egregiously.

With 20 minutes to go in the game and Brazil up 1-0, Mexico’s Miguel Layun pulled a scumbag move when he stepped on the right ankle of Neymar when he was on the ground. Neymar began writhing in pain, as if someone took a battle axe to it.

Republic of Ireland manager Martin O’Neill called the flopping display “absolutely pathetic.”

“Honestly, it’s a red card nowadays because they’ve spotted standing on his foot. But I mean the pain threshold of Neymar is just incredibly low, I must admit. I wouldn’t like to see him coming out of the doctor’s surgery after getting a flu injection.

“He’s a top-quality player, he’s a top-quality actor.”

Check it out below:

For the casual soccer fan like me, this type of flopping is not only pathetic looking but confounding. As an avid NBA fan, I’ve witnessed a fair share of flopping. The difference between soccer and basketball is that typically NBA players flop, but just enough so they can draw a foul. It’s common for soccer players to flop past the point of using it for gain. It ventures into performance art. It insults the intelligence of everyone who witnesses it. People on Twitter tend to agree.

Mexico fans are venting on Twitter but here is a poignant counterpoint:

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