This Brutal Late Hit Costs You $20,000 And Make The Check Out To The NFL, Okay?

by 3 years ago
New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles

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This right here, this is the kind of hit that warrants a $20,000 fine from the NFL’s front office.

When Giants defensive end Damontre Moore picked up Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford and slammed him to the ground on a 3rd down Monday night, it not only resulted in a crucial roughing the passer call that saw the Birds revive a squandering drive early in the game, but also a Riley Cooper touchdown that put the Eagles back in the game after an abysmal defensive showing on the Giants’ first drive.

// reports that stupidly late hit cost Damontre More a fat $20,000. Even better, he blamed his football IQ for the slam.

“Honestly, I think it was just part of me just having poor football IQ, and not [being] aware of the rules of dumping [the quarterback],” Moore said. “Because I dumped him, honestly, I was just trying to make a play and be a high-energy guy. I’m going out there, and I’m trying to run from sideline to sideline and just hit somebody as hard as I can. There’s no excuse.”

Safe to say anytime you deploy a WWE move on an NFL QB, Roger Goodell will be eagerly awaiting his check.


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