NFL Draft Rumors Might Indicate Teams Aren’t All That Impressed With QB Class

NFL Draft stage

Getty Image / Kevin Sabitus

Remember last year when everyone thought Malik Willis, Kenny Pickett, and Matt Coral were all going to be top 10 picks in the NFL Draft?

Just for Pickett to be the only one taken in the first round.

Well, maybe that won’t happen this year, but the latest NFL Draft rumors may suggest how teams feel about this quarterback class.

The Houston Texans are heavily rumored to pick a non-quarterback No. 2 overall and could opt to trade the pick. Meanwhile, it’s well known the Arizona Cardinals are wanting to trade back.

However, according to Matt Miller, it sounds like nobody is all that interested in moving up with Houston or Arizona.

Miller adds that the “word on the street is that while the Texans and Arizona Cardinals might want to trade down from their respective picks, no team is anxious to trade up with them.”

Things can certainly change once the NFL Draft kicks off, but these rumors clearly suggest teams are willing to wait on the quarterback class this year.

It’s interesting that these rumors are coming out now. Especially considering how many quarterback-needy teams there are in the league.

In the end, all of our questions will be answered on Thursday night. Perhaps we’ll see some big trades within the top 10. Maybe we won’t.

Regardless, the NFL Draft is one of the most exciting events of the offseason.