Will Levis Stirs The Pot After Addressing The Panthers Rumor

Will Levis

Getty Image / Andy Lyons

The NFL Draft finally kicks off on Thursday and there is wild speculation as to who the Carolina Panthers will select first overall.

As of now, the common belief is they will take Bryce Young at the top of the draft. However, a rumor spread on Reddit changed the betting odds quite a bit.

Will Levis has been mock-drafted nearly everywhere throughout the offseason process. But the latest rumor has him going to Carolina on Thursday night.

Finally, the prospect quarterback addresses the rumors.

According to Joe Person, Will Levis wasn’t exactly direct when responding to the Panthers’ rumors. However, he did claim “Just don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.”

Look, Levis could have just said “no” and the rumors would be put to bed. Instead, he tried brushing it off to the side.

One could argue that the “don’t believe everything you read on the internet” statement is a clear sign that he’s denying the rumors.

But at the same time, it’s not technically a hard no.

As you can imagine, football fans were left speculating, as Will Levis’ response to the Panthers’ rumors certainly stirred the pot.

Is this a PR move to save face?

Was that Reddit post created by Will Levis, to begin with?

Although Levis sort of denies the rumors (kind of not really), the NFL Draft might begin with some strong boos from Panthers fans.

Thursday is going to be incredibly interesting to see. The Panthers very well could select Will Levis. If they do, that will be a shock to pretty much the entire league.