The NFL May Kill The Pro Bowl As It Explores Potential Alternatives And Fans Have A Ton Of Suggestions

NFL May Get Rid Of Pro Bowl And Fans Have A Ton Of Alternative Ideas

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  • The NFL is reportedly considering doing what it should’ve done years ago by getting rid of the Pro Bowl for good
  • The league is exploring potential ways to replace the game and fans have plenty of suggestions
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In 1933, the best players in Major League Baseball descended upon Comiskey Park in Chicago for the first-ever “All-Star Game.” While that showcase was originally envisioned as a one-off exhibition, it instead became an annual tradition that was eventually adopted by a number of other leagues around the world of sports.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand the appeal of the fairly ingenious concept; a contest featuring a delegation of hypercompetitive athletes viewed as the cream of the crop in a league that’s already comprised of the most talented players on the planet has the potential to be an absolutely electric spectacle that essentially sells itself.

That theory may not necessarily be reflected in current practice, but most leagues still do a pretty good job when it comes to generating hype for their annual gatherings—with the very notable exception of the NFL.

It’s been more than 70 years since the league hosted the inaugural Pro Bowl in Los Angeles, and it’s safe to say it’s lost most of its luster over that span. That was reflected in the brutal television ratings the game generated when it was held earlier this year, which led to plenty of people once again pondering the existential issue that’s long plagued a game that doesn’t really seem to have any tangible raison dêtre.

Now, it appears the NFL has finally been forced to acknowledge that reality. According to Ian Rapoport, the league is focusing on potential improvements and weighing the possibility of eliminating the Pro Bowl entirely while attempting to figure out a suitable replacement to give its best players the opportunity to shine.

Thankfully, the league will be able to draw some inspiration from fans who’ve had years to think about the many ways it could potentially improve on the current product.

I’d still love to see the NFL take a page out of the one-time MLB playbook by raising the stakes and having the worst two teams play for the top pick in the draft, but I can also get down with plenty of these suggestions.

There’s no telling what the NFL will ultimately opt for, but at least they have the advantage of knowing there’s literally nothing it can do capable of giving fans even less incentive to care.

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