NFL Execs Are Reportedly Turned Off By Aaron Rodgers’ Latest Antics

Jets trade rumors for Aaron Rodgers

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While Aaron Rodgers might be trying to find a new NFL home this offseason, he certainly hasn’t done himself any favors with his recent behavior.

According to reports, there are executives in the league who have been turned off by Rodgers’ recent admission that he’s embarking on a “darkness retreat” to help him make a decision about his NFL future.

“There was eyebrow-raising among a few league or team people I brought this up with, the reaction being: I can see why the Packers would consider trading him. Seems like a good person, but he might be more trouble than he’s worth,” said NBC’s NFL insider Peter King.

At this time, Rodgers’ options appear to be retiring, returning to the Green Bay Packers, or being traded to a franchise like the New York Jets or Las Vegas Raiders.

While the four-time MVP has previously said he wouldn’t put the Packers through the same limbo as last offseason, we’re now less than two weeks away from the start of March and the 39-year-old has yet to give Green Bay an update on his decision.

Rodgers certainly isn’t making himself any more enticing to potential suitors considering he’s now required to take days-long darkness retreats in order to make life decisions. He’s also coming off one of his worst seasons as a professional, thus raising doubts about how much gas he has left in the tank.

During the 2022 season, which saw the Packers miss the NFC playoffs with an 8-9, Rodgers completed 64% of his passes for 3,695 yards, 26 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions — his most picks in a season since he tossed 11 back in 2010.

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