NFL Executive Tells Media That He’ll Sign DeAndre Hopkins To A Mere $2 Million Deal

DeAndre Hopkins

Christian Petersen/Getty Image

Star wide receiver and five-time Pro Bowler DeAndre Hopkins become a free agent after being released by the Arizona Cardinals last week.

Despite his impressive track record and undeniable talent, the Cardinals were unable to find a suitable trade partner for Hopkins, prompting the team to part ways with him. Now, Hopkins finds himself available on the open market, ready to embark on a new chapter in his career.

With news of Hopkins’ release spreading like wildfire, speculation about potential landing spots and contract negotiations has reached a fever pitch. Numerous teams are expected to express interest in the star receiver, but the financial aspects of any potential deal remain uncertain.

According to ESPN’s insder Dianna Russini, one NFL executive has expressed a willingness to sign Hopkins to a mere $2 million a year contract. The executive, cognizant of Hopkins’ considerable value, understands that the wide receiver will likely seek a much more lucrative deal.

Russini stressed that teams have varying levels of seriousness in pursuing Hopkins, with financial considerations playing a significant role. It has been reported that Hopkins is actively seeking a favorable contract, further complicating negotiations.

As the news spreads, a clearer picture is emerging regarding the teams interested in acquiring Hopkins. The Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets have been ruled out as potential suitors for the wide receiver. Additionally, the Buffalo Bills, while initially considered a potential landing spot, appear to be hesitant about committing fully to pursuing Hopkins at this stage.

In contrast, the New England Patriots have emerged as an intriguing contender in the race to sign Hopkins. Russini indicate that the Patriots have expressed interest, but the extent of their pursuit and their willingness to meet Hopkins’ contract demands remain undisclosed.

As fans, pundits, and executives eagerly await the next chapter in Hopkins’ career, the market for his services remains uncertain. While one NFL executive has floated a seemingly modest offer, it is widely anticipated that Hopkins will command a far more substantial contract.

The coming days and weeks are sure to be filled with intense negotiations, as teams vie for the opportunity to secure the services of one of the league’s premier wide receivers.

Hopkins’ departure from the Cardinals marks the end of an era in Arizona, but it also signals the beginning of a high-stakes bidding war that will shape the landscape of the NFL.

Stay tuned for further updates as the DeAndre Hopkins saga unfolds.