NFL Executives Believe Aaron Rodgers Took Advantage Of Packers – Say He’s Done In Green Bay

Aaron Rodgers

Michael Owens/Getty Images

The Aaron Rodgers saga will surely end at some point. But while the controversial Packers quarterback undertakes a four-day ‘darkness retreat’ to ponder about his future, NFL executives express what they think about the future Hall of Fame quarterback.


In a recent column from The Athletic, reporter Mike Sando shares conversations he’s had with NFL executives around the league and their thoughts about the Green Bay’s passer.

Rodgers Took Advantage Of The Packers

One executive expressed that Aaron Rodgers took advantage of the Packers last season during contract negations. Saying he “held them hostage.”

“I think he showed his true colors last offseason when he held them hostage and took $50 million a year,” another exec said. “He knew he could get his best deal from the Packers, and now that he has it, now that he has secured the bag, he is open to leaving.”


Will The Packers Trade Rodgers?

Another executive said that he thinks Green Bay has had enough with the single-caller and will trade him this offseason.

“I think the Packers are done with him,” a longtime NFL team executive said on the condition of anonymity for competitive reasons. “The time to jump off was last year. They missed the ability to maximize their compensation. And they missed the playoffs. When they moved Davante (Adams), they should have moved Aaron and said, ‘We are starting over and we have all these picks.’ They could have sent him to Denver.”

Where Does Rodgers Land Next Season

Multiple executives named different places for Aaron Rodgers could play in next season. That includs the Tennessee Titans, New York Jets and possibly Las Vegas Raiders. Although one exec said that the Raiders will prefer pending free-agent Jimmy Garoppolo over Rodgers instead.

“Tennessee is a great spot for him,” the first exec said.

“I could totally see that,” the second exec said.

What about the Jets?

“I just don’t know that he is going to want to be in New York,” the first exec said. “Mike Vrabel and Tennessee seem more his pace. Whether Vrabel wants to put up with his s—, who knows? But Matt LaFleur was the offensive coordinator with Vrabel, so Vrabel could pick his brain. Robert Saleh and LaFleur are close. Those teams all have ties.”

The Raiders are also in the market for a quarterback pending Carr’s expected departure from the team.

“Vegas would be fine for him,” the first exec said. “It just seems like a weird fit, Rodgers’ personality and Josh McDaniels. I think Josh would probably rather develop his own guy than have Rodgers, and I think he’d rather have (Jimmy) Garoppolo than Rodgers.”