NFL Fans Want League To Adopt XFL’s Rules After Seeing Them In Action

NFL fans want XFL rules

Getty Image / Sam Hodde

The new XFL season is officially underway as the league hopes to remain intact for the long haul.

What makes it so interesting though, are some of the different rule changes the NFL doesn’t utilize. With that in mind, football fans are ready for change in the NFL.

Ari Meirov shows a clip of the onside kick rule in the XFL. If a team is losing and just scored, they have the option to go for a 4th and 15. If they convert, they get to keep the ball and try to score again.

It’s important to note that this specific rule change was denied by the NFL in the past. However, the results of this game might make the league reconsider.

With that said, some of the other different rules the XFL is using made for an incredibly entertaining finish between the San Antonio Brahmas and St. Louis Battlehawks.

ESPN’s David Bearman explains some of the other rules that helped the Battlehawks steal the win away from the Brahmas.

For the most part, football fans are loving these rules.

We aren’t against some of these changes either.

This alone would really spice things up in the NFL.

Maybe the Roger Goodell should consider bringing some of these rules in to at least discuss. It really could create a more entertaining game for the fans.

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