NFL Helmets Inspired By WWE Stars Are Awesome And We Want To Own The Death Valley Reapers

The NFL season kicks off this week and the WWE is getting into the football spirit with these superstar-inspired helmets.

The staff imagined what would happen if the league expanded to feature teams based on popular WWE Superstars. The helmets would probably look something likes these except probably not as awesome.

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Cincinnati Loose Cannons (Dean Ambrose)

New England Champs (John Cena)

Pensacola Supermen (Roman Reigns)

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Boston Bosses (Sasha Banks)

Tampa Bay Unicorns (The New Day)

Sarasota Madness (Randy Savage)

Victoria Rattlesnakes (“Stone Cold” Steve Austin)

Death Valley Reapers (The Undertaker)

Check out the rest of the helmets here.

[via WWE]

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