NFL Network Reporter Jane Slater Eviscerates Skip Bayless With One Simple Tweet

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Jane Slater is a Dallas-based reporter who works for the NFL Network, mainly covering the Cowboys.

Unlike someone like, say, Skip Bayless who is not actually covering the day-to-day happenings in Dallas, but is a staunch Cowboys supporter, she has a pretty good idea of what is happening with the team.

On Tuesday, Bayless took to Twitter with another one of his patented hot takes, writing, “Dak [Prescott] is just too insecure to be the leader of America’s Team. And I think the locker room knows that.”

Bayless also retweeted a video of himself saying about Prescott, “I don’t think he’s a natural born leader of a football team because I don’t think he’s confident enough in his own ability in big play play making.

“Dak’s too thin-skinned. He’s just too insecure to be the leader of ‘America’s Team’ and I think the locker room knows that in the end.”

Bayless also claimed that he “knows for a fact” that Dak Prescott was once threatened by Micah Parsons rise to stardom

Jane Slater, who is based in Dallas, and regularly visits the Cowboys’ facility to file reports, destroyed the credibility of Skip Bayless and his hot Dak Prescott take with one tweet.


Another fan tweeted in response to Slater’s comment, “Skip’s not talking about THE Cowboys – he’s talking about HIS Cowboys (a team that exists in an alternate universe in which he owns the team and Jerry Jones serves ice cream out of a little truck.)”

“Funny. I remember him talking about how Dak being a leader in the locker room was probably his greatest trait. What??! How do you just change like that??” another fan noted.

“Thank you Jane, stay on his neck,” someone else responded.

“I just gained so much more love for you,” someone else tweeted.

What’s not to love?