NFL Makes Big Schedule Change That Could Save Fans From Bad Primetime Games

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During the 2022 NFL season, there was a major issues with some of the league’s primetime scheduling.

Fans ended up having to sit through some horrible matchups.

Some of it was just bad luck. Nobody expected the Colts and Broncos to be so horrendous.

However, the league also made sure that every team in the league would get to play at least one game in primetime.

That leads to some disappointing viewing for fans.

Year after year, there are just certain teams that fans don’t need to see on a Thursday night,

This coming year, the Arizona Cardinals before Kyler Murray returns, Houston Texans, and Atlanta Falcons all stand out as teams that could be tough to watch.

Luckily, fans might get through the season without having to watch these teams in primetime.

Today, Adam Schefter revealed some big changes that were coming to the NFL schedule for 2023 and one of those changes is that teams no longer have to have a primetime game.

I understand the reasoning behind giving every team a spot in one of these games. The NFL wanted to give every team’s fans a chance to see their team in a primetime game.

However, those fans can see their team every Sunday on their local channel.

This will save fans of every other team from potentially having to spend their Thursday, Sunday, or Monday night (usually Thursday) watching a bad football game.

Players don’t want to play on Thursday night anyway, so anybody that gets out of having to do so this season will probably be pretty happy about it.

It’s not often I find myself agreeing with the NFL, but this seems like a smart move on their part.

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