NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt Rips Browns To Shreds Over Deshaun Watson Press Conference ‘I Just Feel Sick About It’


NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt is not happy with what he saw from the Browns’ press conference after Deshaun Watson’s suspension settlement was announced.

On Thursday, both Watson and Browns owner Jimmy Haslam spoke with the media and made some bizarre comments after it was revealed Watson had agreed to an 11-game suspension and a $5 million fine.

During his press conference, Watson maintained his innocence and said he didn’t do anything wrong despite settling his suspension case.

Haslam followed Watson’s presser by saying his “high level” QB deserved a second chance like Kareem Hunt.

During Friday morning’s edition of Good Morning Football, Brandt ripped into Watson and called him a liar for apologizing last week but standing on his innocence after he got suspended. Brandt went on to call out Haslam for being an “enabler” to Watson’s actions.

‘What the hell was that in Cleveland yesterday? What was that? That was the plan? That was the presentation? Did you think about what you were going to say?…

“I’m supposed to be pleased about this?….”I just feel sick about it.”